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Inner book a repertoire of spells for old school spell-users

Art by Earl Geier
from Scarlet Heroes free Art Pack
The Inner Book is a small list of spell that the spell-user can memorize even without a physical copy of her spell-books, it is a spell book existing in the spell-user mind, a sort of specialized form of photographic memory.

Use of the Inner Book
The spell impressed in the Inner Book can be memorized as if the mage had a spell book, the time to memorize a spell is double the normal time of memorization.

Max number of spell in the Inner Book
The number of spell that can be impressed in the Inner book is 5 plus Intelligence bonus (Or half Intelligence value rounded down).

Cost of impressing a spell in the Inner Book
The cost to impress a spell in the Inner Book is 100 gp per level of spell and the use of the same spell from memory, the procedure will take 1 day per level of spell.

Cost of erasing a spell in the Inner Book
To free space on the book the cost is much higher, to erase a spell the mage need 1 week per level of spell to be erased plus 1000 gp per level of spell.

Problems from having spells in the Inner Book
To have even a single spell in the Inner Book means that the character is obviously a spell-user, he will have magical markings moving on his skin, an eerie demeanor and a general -2 to reactions from mundane people.

This article give a way to create a repertoire of spell that can be used for the polyspells presented here: Polyspell an option for spontaneous casting, a middle step between classic vancian and sorcery

Furthermore this article works well with the Recharging Spells a Vancian optional system for AD&D and OSR

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