mercoledì 29 marzo 2017

Heroic Fantasy and Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu Kickstarter

The Autarchs, authors of the ACKS system (see the presentation here: Adventurer Conqueror King System or Diocletian Dungeons & Dragons) and various kickstarters did it again, after 1 week the new kickstarter "Heroic Fantasy & Barbarian Conquerors Collection" is already financed so you just have to decide the level of contribution if you are interested, I suggest the KING level to get both book in an hardcover version (only for this kickstarter) at reduced postage cost and you will also contribute to design a b/w illustration of 1/4 page.

This kickstarter is anomalous because it will produce two books.

The first one is the Heroic Fantasy Handbook with tons of rule modification of classical OSR/ACKS rules to better support the "heroic fantasy" flavor. In the words of the author:
"Heroic fantasy is set in a world like our own world, one that might even be our world, in its distant past or far future. Its heroes, though men and women of extraordinary talent and drive, have none of the “super-powers” now common in contemporary fantasy (especially games). They do not typically teleport, fly, shoot fire, or raise the dead. Magic in heroic fantasy is more subtle and nuanced than in contemporary fantasy. It works with what is, rather than creating what is not. A magician cannot teleport straight to his friend’s distant castle, though his whispered dreams might reach his friend across the black gulfs of space. A magician will not fling magic missiles, but he might call down lightning from a storm, or capsize a boat with a wave. Working magic might require lengthy ceremonies, terrible sacrifices, or the power of primeval places. And those who use magic risk corruption. Even the wisest can lose their mind, body, and soul if they tamper with dark magic. That’s heroic fantasy."
In this book we will find a new magic type (eldritch sorcery), new classes, new spells, new monsters and so on (you can get an idea browsing the updates of the kickstarter on this old post of the Autarch forums: Heroic Companion Compilation).

The second book present a setting of barbarian fantasy, sword and planet fantasy and scienze fantasy, in brief a pulp fantasy setting. 
[...]Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu embraces what might be called “barbarian fantasy” or perhaps “pulp fantasy.” Barbarian fantasy is an amalgam of three distinct but related genres.
The first is sword & sorcery literature, exemplified by the likes of Howard's Conan and Moorcock's Elric. [...]
The second is sword & planet, exemplified by Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom, a fantastic vision of Mars. This genre explores similar themes to those of sword & sorcery but does accept certain "science fiction" elements such as alien planets, radium pistols, flying craft, and other technological wonders. [...]
The third is science fantasy proper. This book, however, presents a "science fiction" milieu closer to a fantastic setting once the outer trappings of starships and rayguns are stripped off it. This genre is exemplified by space princesses, dashing interstellar rogues, space combat which looks suspiciously similar to WWII air combat, and a relative disregard of actual science when it conflicts with the plot. [...]

Some traces of this setting are in this old posts by the author Barbarian Conqueror King and Barbarian Conqueror King (Dinosaurs & Sorcery ACKS), in the book we will find new classes, new science-fantasy weapons (ray guns and the like), lots of dinosaurs and much more.

A very fun ride, and a worthy kickstarter for two interesting books (in hardcover if you go KING!).

martedì 21 marzo 2017

Dungeons & Dragons 5a edizione traduzione italiana per la Asmodee

L'annuncio è apparso tanto sul sito della Wizards of the Coast (Announcing Localized D&D) che su quello della Gale Force 9 (Localized D&D Fifth) che di fatto si occuperà degli accordi con i localizzatori dei vari paesi.

Le prime traduzioni saranno in francese, tedesco, italiano, giapponese, spagnolo, polacco e portoghese, seguiranno poi traduzioni in altre lingue.

Sul sito della GF9 leggiamo che per l'Italia se ne occuperà la Asmodee Italia sotto la supervisione di Massimo Bianchini (che è anche il contatto indicato) storico traduttore di D&D in Italia.

Italian Language: Asmodee Italia
Name of contact: Massimo Bianchini
Phone Number: +39 0522 637570

La notizia inaspettata (perché oramai non più attesa) è sicuramente ottima e possiamo solo augurare un bel 20 naturale per il tiro sul successo della traduzione agli amici della Asmodee!