giovedì 26 marzo 2015

Crypts and Things Remastered KICKstarter SUCCESSFULLY funded!!!!

The image for the Crypts and Things Remastered kickstarter

The original Crypts & Things was a shining example of what can be done with the OSR, a great way to play Sword and Sorcery stories (like the ones of Conan, Fafhrd and Grey Mouser novels). The remastered version looks even better...

So the kickstarter is still going on and you can pledge to get your preferred rewards (and help the project to unlock some stretch goals), and immediate access to the pdf of the new ruleset.

The Kickstarter for Crypts and Things Remastered is here:

This is a grim land of dark magick and eerie dangers.

What are the differences from the "original" game? Quite a lot:
+ no saving throws, but a luck score that can help to get out of sorcerous ways
+ hit points are just stamina and fatigue, than damage will cut down constitution
+ a simple skill system
+ a simple background system
+ few martial classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Thief
+ Only one magical class: Sorcerer

yes there are no Clerics, Magic Users or bards.... and the magic system is fire and forget (don't be fooled by the name of the magic using class) BUT (yes there is a big but) while the sorcerer can learn every spell they are divided in three kind of magic (white, gray and black)

in the first edition of Crypts and Things to learn and cast spell there was a cost linked to the color of magic, this cost are still different but more interesting in the remastered edition

Crypts and Things cost of magic
White: no cost
Gray: 2hp * level of spell cast
Black: to memorize a black magic spell sacrifice a sentient being or get spell-level costitution damage AND when you cast it you must make a saving throw or lose sanity...

Crypts and Things Remastered cost of magic:
White: % of getting hunted by undead and "others"
Gray: nothing
Black: corruption (ever growing)

I find the second table much more interesting than the previous one.

The kickstarter was successfully funded, and since it reached 9206£ a lot of stretch goals were met, here the new classes:

Disciple: a sword and sorcery take on the Monk!

Elementalist: a new type of magic user molded after the prince of Melnimbone
Lizard People: first race as class of C&T, noble and ancient race of strong fighter with mystical powers
Beast Hybrid: second race as class of C&T, some sort of corrupted shape shifter
Serpent Noble: third race as class, natural users of black magic...