martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Fighter-Mage a missing old school touch to the 5th edition

  The new D&D edition has a lot of nice OSR elements. One that I feel missing is a proper treatment of the old fighter-mage.

  This article propose a new class for D&D 5th that tries to build a Fighter-Mage similar to the classical elf fighter-mage of AD&D 1st edition (or the elf of D&D Holmes or red-box).

  In the new rules (excellent rules by the way) the most similar character to the Elf F/M is the Bard (or some knowledge/magic version of the Cleric) but the feel is different.

  This class will be a very basic class, with few options since its versatility resides in spells selection.

  This class will mix the feature of the Fighter with no martial archetype and that of the Wizard with no arcane tradition benefits, some features of both classes will be gained at later levels.

Class Features
Hit Points
Hit Dice: 1d8 per Fighter-Mage level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at higher levels: 1d8 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per Fighter-Mage level after first

Armor: medium and light armor
Weapons: simple weapons, martial weapons

Saving Throws: Strengh, Intelligence
Skills: choose two skills from either fighter or mage list

obviously this is just a draft, but I was missing the old Fighter-Mage.

Roll that dice and keep gaming

8 commenti:

  1. Bentornato, Fabio. Anche se non seguo la 5a edizione è sempre un piacere leggerti.

    1. Grazie Luca :)

      ti ricordo sempre l'enorme lavoro di Michele se vuoi dare un'occhiata alla 5a in modo veloce e indolore :)

  2. Mi accodo alla festa di vederti pubblicare qualcosa di quando in quando!

  3. What do you not like about the Eldritch Knight archetype that the fighter can choose at 3rd level? This is NOT a bad idea, I'm worried about the typical "Look at mah new class!!!1!1!" deluge that will likely occur (most of which will be broken/OP as hell. This doesn't seem so. I appreciate that you have (only) the (single) extra attack. Why not do something that varies a little more from simply a gestalt of fighter and wizard? Something that's uniquely different? Just wondering.

    1. Hi, the problem of the Eldritch Knight is that cannot simulate my old Elf F/M Character :)

      I wanted to make the archetypal Fighter-Mage so I didn't go for something unique, in the old rules the F/M lagged 1 or 2 level behind the single class characters (usually nobody cared of level limits or found way to ignore them :)).

      The 5th edition rules made the Bard (the most similiar character to a f/m) go up to 9th level of spells so I tought that just making a gestalt with less powers (to simulate the 1-2 levels lag) would be a nice solution

      maybe after a little playtesting there could be some fine-tuning or specialties

  4. In my opinion also the Eldritch Knight Elf and multiclass Wizard/Figther Elf do a good job to summon that feeling.

    Your class also lack a "specialization" to choose like the official D&D5 classes.

    1. Yes, but I didn't want the feeling of it but the "real thing" :)

      If I had to use standard rules I would go for the bard or wait for some book/bard variant but it would still feel different.

      Specialization will come in the future if the class works, and I thought of it as a "basic" class.