giovedì 14 settembre 2017

Warhammer FRP 2nd and 1st Humble Bundle

An insane number of Warhammer FRP 2nd edition books at a ridiculous low price, and also the Warhammer FRP 1st edition core rulebook (first time digital).

You cannot pass this one! 

For the Empire!

Pay $1 (about €0.83) or more!

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition Core Rulebook
  • Plundered Vaults
  • Ashes of Middenheim
  • Paths of the Damned, Part 1
  • Spires of Altdorf
  • Paths of the Damned, Part 2
  • 30% Coupon for Cubicle 7 Store

Pay $8 (about €6.68) or more to also unlock!

  • Forges of Nuln
  • Paths of the Damned, Part 3
  • Karak Asgal
  • Knights of the Grail
  • Barony of the Damned
  • Terror in Talabheim

Pay $15 (about €12.52) or more to also unlock!

  • Old World Bestiary
  • Old World Armoury
  • Sigmar's Heirs
  • Realms of Sorcery
  • Children of the Horned Rat
  • Renegade Crowns
  • The WFRP Companion
  • Lure of the Liche Lord
  • Night's Dark Masters
  • Realm of the Ice Queen

Pay $20 (about €16.70) or more to also unlock!

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition Rulebook
  • First time in digital!
  • Tome of Corruption
  • Tome of Salvation
  • The Thousand Thrones
  • Shades of Empire

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