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Fantastic Heroes & Witchery: a worthy simulacrum!

A new fantastic simulacrum of the old rules is freely available for download.

The name of the game is "Fantastic Heroes & Witchery. Retro-RPG", and it say it all its name.

The author Dominique Crouzet is a french graphic artist and a professional editor, in fact the simulacrum is beautifully illustrated and with professional layout. While the free pdf is not indexed, saved in double page format and misses a full spell index is fully usable, a more user friendly version of the pdf will be put on sale very soon.

You can find the page dedicated to the game by the author here: and a discussion on this simulacrum on dragonsfoot here: 

The game is really well done, with a lot of nice idea and little twist. So good that I am already waiting for my hard copy from lulu (should get it tomorrow, so more photos coming). Some twists: all character have a racial HD that is used for 0th level hit point and are wound hp (-1 each point of damage), there are a lot of classes (racial and general) and races both for classical fantasy and weird-fantasy and there are also optional classes. Divine magic is different in mechanic but can be treated just as magic (priest-friar), there are psychic, magic is divided in various lists (grey magic, white magic, black magic, nature magic and delusional magic) and there are 666 spells (mostly old ones but all rewritten so they deserve a reading). Saves are based on abilities, allignaments are cosmic forces while character can pledge their fealty (allegiance system) to one of this force or just to a lord or cause. There is a nice treatment of this cosmic force of generic deity and the role of gods in the campaign (very useful for the game master).

What else to say? Go and download this precious gem!

The link to the download page is:

The link to the LULU page of the author:

The physical book is also on Amazon and the price is really convenient:

Note: the site dedicated to the game is growing day by day, the author has just added some new downloads (some conversion classes) and anticipated some future release: an ambientation (Swords & Cthulhu: the world of Zhultoom), a future clone (Future Heroes & Witchery), a bestiary (Blasphemous Bestiary) and a compendium of spells (Full Witchery Compendium), more details and some mock cover:

An example of the layout and interior art
I have received the paper book and it's even better than what I expected, so I'll add some photos and in the next days add some more in depth comments on the innovation brought to the OSR by this very good game.

A chapter of blessed advice for any game master

Magical spells chapter :)
The chapter on (weird tales) classes 
Another game master chapter
The beautiful back cover

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  1. Scaricato: molto carino. Non sono un fan dell'old school ma questo mi piace. Anche i moduli aggiuntivi in preparazione mi sembrano golosi. Certo si confronta con titani come Path o il novello D&D in uscita ma, secondo me, può ritagliarsi un suo spazio. Non ha alle spalle uno staff tipo quelli della wizard o della paizo: è l'opera di un singolo autore. Impressionante.

    1. Beh il bello è che un prodotto totalmente artigianale (e in parte gratuito) abbia questa qualità e potenzialmente sia confrontabile con un Path o dnd :-)

      il librone fisico poi è impressionante :)

  2. Pensi sia possibile giocare in Ravenloft usando queste regole?

    1. non vedo problemi, il gioco si adatta facilmente a qualsiasi prodotto D&D dalla versione anni 70 all'ultima edizione