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Adventurer Conqueror King or Diocletian Dungeons & Dragons

Autarch has launched a new kickstarter to fund the pubblication of an introductory adventure "The sinister stone of Sakkara".

This adventure is inspired to the old B2 module "The keep on the borderland" but with various twist (and obviously all new dungeons, wilderness and setting).

One of the most interesting things is that this adventure is the first publication by Autarch that begin to present the implied setting of the game, the Auran empire.

The Auran empire while only hinted in the game is a departure from your medieval fantasy of crusades and witches indeed the setting is firmly grounded in the late roman empire era and the years after the fall of the western empire, say from 250 to 750 CE (or if you prefer from 1000 to 1750 Ab Urbe condita).

The project is already funded but you can still jump in, what the kickstarter offer is also the possibility to take the full "Adventurer Conqueror King" package.

Why should you get in?

1) The adventure is really interesting and a good starting point for most campaing
2) The setting is very original and detailed, but in a "show and tell" way (statues, temples, banquets, snippets of philosophy and the like)
3) Autarch delivers top-notch quality games and products

What makes Adventurer Conqueror King different from other OSR tribute games and why Diocletian would have played ACKS instead of vanilla D&D?

One of the selling point of the ACK System is the coherence of the economic system, the system really helps you to model the economy of the setting so your character will have different things to do at high levels, indeed high level characters (notice that maximum level in this game is 14th level for humans and 8th to 13th level for non-humans) will have the possibility to run their realms be it a little barony or a sprawling empire.

The tables and rules for markets and price would have made Diocletian (one of the great emperors of the late roman empire a great militar and civil leader),  happy and simplified his Edict on Maximum Prices, this attention to detail is diffused in every aspect of the game to make it really robust and worthy.

Another product from Autarch tie this economic robustness into the art of war, in fact the Domains @ War will make possible to simulate skirmish or great battles but everything will tie seamlessy with the economic system of the standard game, and with the magical and special powers of characters.

So what I get in the two books that I don't have from other clones?

From the Adventurer Conqueror King System book
1) the mentioned economic and domain system
2) a different magical system
2.1) characters have a repertoire of spell from which can cast the usual number of daily spells
2.2) high level spells (7th, 8th and 9th for arcane, and 6th and 7th for divine) can be cast only as rituals
3) a proficiency system that helps to spice up characters without being overly cumbersome
4) a Death and Dismemberment table (here called Mortal Wounds Table), this means that when a character goes to 0 or lower hp is out of combat and as soon as someone help him with mundane or magical rule the exact fate of the character will be decided with a roll on this table (so the character can be saved but it will be wounded most of the time)
5) a Tampering with death table, if your character dies and than is brought back he can get traumathized
6) the usual character (but with interesting twists) like Fighter, Mage, Cleric and Thief (for example there is the reaper rule, if your character kill an enemy can immediately make another attack, and this can be done again and again for fighter up to their level add to this that fighter get +1 to damage each 3 level and against lesser foes they can be truly terrible)
7) campaign classes: Assasin, Bard, Bladedancer (a sort of unarmored cleric) and Explorer (non magical ranger)
8) demihuman classes: Dwarven Vaultguard (classical dwarf), Dwarven Craftpriest (dwarf priest), Elven Spellsword (classical elven fighter-mage), Elven Nightblade (assassin with magic spells)re
9) templates (this are ready to go adventurer with skills and gear)

no there is no halfling or hobbit or whatever

you also get information on how to run domains, monster and a lot of nice touch

From the Player's Companion book

1) A lot of new classes both for humans (Anti-Paladin, Barbarian, Mystic, Paladin, Priestess, Shaman, Venturer, Warlock, Witch) and non-humans (Dwarven Delver, Dwarven Fury, Dwarven machinist, Elven Courtier, Elven Enchanter, Elven Ranger, Gnomish Trickster, Nobiran Wonderworker, Thrassian Gladiator, Zaharan Ruinguard)
2) Character class templates
an expansion on the concept of templates with more template for the classes in the ACKS book
3) Custom class rules
a wonderful chapter that help to create classes in line with the ones presented
4) Spells
new spells but more interesting hyper detailed rules on spell research, labs and more
5) various rules and other miscellaneous tools for the Game Master

  The Autarch web

Get a great product, and if you don't know this game get a great game at discount from the various contributor levels, help Autarch to get in print something on the Auran setting!

Here a map of the Auran Empire, I love maps with a central sea like our Mediterranean sea

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